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by elisa mantovani

Six delicately and precisely moulded faces faintly surface from colourful and spherically ornamented shells. The attention of the viewer is transfixed by the elegance and fragility of these seemingly sleeping faces, gazing outside of the frame into the world. Despite their eyes being closed, it's as if they can peer right into ones soul through meditative eyes.

Their expressions are solemn, conveying dignified and ceremonious strength amplified by the accentuating bright colours, bringing the focus to the center of the composition. The viewer is mesmerized by the fine and subtle detail with which Monica Vaccari shaped the "Warriors", to give them a contrasting air of sensibility and sincerity mixed with majestic pride and power. 

Monica Vaccari's piece conveys a powerful emotional strength: she reaches deep into herself expressing her "stages in life, in which [she felt] more vulnerable, weak and in need of protection."

During her stay in Brussels Monica started working more with clay and glass and experimenting with a face emerging from water: it was her first attempt to describe Ophelia and the feminine condition. She comments "It was so important for me to give voice to all the women still trapped in their marginalization for being born a woman. The recurrent motif of the surfacing face is the representation of these women that are emerging from their past, from stories of violence, submission, and humiliation.

The message is positive to me and it's a hope for the future generations."

The series "Warriors" draws the audience in, they emit encouraging attitude: they are not attacking, but defending their own freedom. The fine technique of the glazed striking colours, fired with the Japanese method called "Raku", embellish with their recurrent pattern, a sense of lightness and vivacity to the dormant, introspective faces.



Magisches - am Ende der Strasse

Schaumkronen der Welt

Auf weichen ich rase

Durchs pulsende Neuronen-Feld

Es kostet Verstand, Logik und Denken

Nur Fühlen von Leichtigem - Sein

Möchte im Driften und Hin - und Her Schwenken

Elementarteilchen sein

Dunkle Energie und schwarze Löcher

So sagt man, sing 90 Prozent

Von Aleem - im Universum-Köcher

Nichts wissen - genau erkennt!

So brause und sause uch alleweil

Auf der Welle von Raum und Zeit

Im Raumschiff Erde als winziges Teil

Ans Ende vom Kosmos - so weit

Was ist Alles, was Nichts?

Und Nichts ist doch alles?

Ich Habenichts

Bin ich Zufalles?

Ein schwindender Genabdruck langer Geschichte?

Ein Häuchlein unmerklicher Dichte?

Voran strömt mein Sinnen - hin zu der Magie

Die unbekannt wartet - am Ende vom Nie

by Anita Spinnler

17 August 2018



Magic – at the end of the road
White crests of foamy waves
On which I rush
Through pulsing neuron-meadows

It costs reason, logic and thought
Only levity and lightness of being
want to drift and sway here and there

Like atomized particles.

Dark energies and obscure holes

One says, are 90 percent

Of everything – the cosmic chef’s

Know nothing – precisely perceived!

So, I always breeze and roar
On the waves of space and time
as a miniscule slice of starship earth

Far into the finitude of the cosmos

What is Everything? What Nothing?
And if Nothing is yet Everything?
Not owning anything
Am I coincidence?

A waning gene imprint of lengthy history?
A tiny hint of imperceptible density
Forth flow my senses -

Into magic, who anonymously awaits –

at the end of never.  

Translated by Elisa Mantovani

Horizon, April 2019

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