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MMXX - A Virtual Exhibition

Works by Monica Vaccari. Text by Elisa Mantovani. Layout by Gloria Rosetto

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Warriors, fighting with meditative eyes, igniting dignified sincerity and fierce determinate strength in their stillness. Faces, gently peering out of Intimate Spaces, conveying a deep sense of tranquillity. Rebirth gazes that have turned inward, reconnecting to the rich treasures and creativity of their inner worlds. Mother Earth is breathing calmly, whilst our humanity trembles on the loosening clutches of our actions and mistakes.
Monica’s world of MMXX, created before the onset of the pandemic, dramatically anticipates a fragment of our current realities ruptured by Covid-19. Yet, what Monica’s delicately moulded and elegantly adorned figures of clay exude, is a profound sense of serenity and introspection. Within the midst of this despair, we are offered a chance to embrace silence, accepting the privilege of slowing down our paces. We have been given time to reflect, and feel grateful for simplicity. 

Human beings will resurface from this adversity with vigour, weaving a future that radiates a newfound unity: Individuals living in respectful coexistence, recognising that there is no shame in revealing one’s vulnerability.


MMXX Warrior

Oxidized stoneware, 2019

45 x 25 x 25 cm

A true warriors’ bravery comes from their dignified strength in stillness. The warrior closes her eyes in meditation, with a fierce determinate will to revitalise her vigour, waiting for the right time to act.

Intimate spaces.jpg

Intimate Spaces

Enamelled stoneware, 2019

⌀ 18 cm

Faces are gently peeping out from their intimate cocoons. The protective cocoons give comfort and solace. The intimate spaces that have been shaped like spheres possess a softness, and a place for unlimited regeneration. The spheres which have been made by clay slabs impressed by placements of felt, which Monica collected for many years, have been adorned with elegant designs that could represent the hidden colour and hope of these times. After being impressed, the clay is torn, like pieces of fabric, and assembled in a patchwork around the sphere, from which the faces glimpse out into the world, conveying a deep sense of tranquillity.

Intimate space2.jpg
Intimate spaces part2.jpg

Keep the Wheel Turning

Oxidized stoneware, 2019

⌀ 33 cm

The world seems to have come to a halt. We have been given time to be introspective, reflect, and feel grateful for simplicity. A peaceful face is accentuated in the spherically ornamented wheel, that draws the attention to the visage. The wheel keeps turning, change is the only constant.

Mother Earth.jpg
Mother Earth (part).jpg

Mother Earth (Gaia)

Enamelled ceramic Raku fired, 2019

24 x 18 x 36 cm


Mother Earth is breathing calmly, whilst our humanity trembles on the loosening clutches of our actions. She is endlessly strong, and at the same time fragile, as she is carrying the weight of our mistakes and assaults.



Ceramics Raku fired, 2019

17 x 14 x 15 cm



Stoneware, 2019

16 x 12 x 12 cm

Nest 1.jpg

Nest 1

Stoneware, 2019

⌀ 16 cm

Nest 2.jpg

Nest 2

Stoneware, 2019

⌀ 17 cm


Nest 3

Stoneware and glass, 2019

15 x 15 x 13 cm



Enamelled stoneware, 2019

20 x 20 x 20 cm



Enamelled stoneware, 2019

⌀ 27 cm



Enamelled ceramic raku fired, 2019-2020

15 x 8 x 20 cm each

Conditional freedom red.JPEG

Conditional Freedom

Earthenware, 2019

⌀ 20 cm



Stoneware with oxides and glaze, 2020

⌀ 10 each



Stoneware with oxide, 2020

⌀ 40 cm



Stoneware with glass, 2020

8 x 6 x 17 cm each

All pieces are available for sale. Please use the contact form for more information.

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